Tamboka is a Gypsy-Latin Band from Miami Florida, formed in 2011 and known for their high energy stage shows, blending several world music styles.

Among them, Cumbia, Jazz, Swing and many others that create their unique sound. Tamboka’s music, is a spontaneous combustion of “alma y oro” that incorporates a brilliant mix of violins, congas, bongos, cajón, upright bass, heartfelt vocals and flamenco guitars that will make you get up and dance like nobody is watching!

Their members hail from Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and the US, each one using their diverse backgrounds to contribute to Tamboka’s epic sound.

  • Tyrone Iregui (Flamenco guitar, gaita and charango) Colombia
  • Nay Rozè (Violin and lead vocals) USA
  • Darwish Iregui (Cajón) Colombia
  • Abel Morales (Congas and bongos) Cuba
  • Jose Albizu (Upright bass) Cuba
  • Luis “Lucho” Portacio (Tambora, llamador and alegre drums) Colombia
  • John Alvarado (Rapper back up vocals) Mexico